Stock Update In Real-Time

Hi all, I am wondering if more if you have a problem with this, or if you found a solution.

What we do a lot, is update all products from a certain supplier. This can sometimes take quite a while, so in the meantime orders will come in.

Because cs-cart only saves the inventory when the person updating the products hits save, this means the inventory amounts are incorrect (too high) for products that were ordered during the update.

Does anybody have a trick so that doesn't happen?

@cs-cart it would be really, really good if we could update the products with a plus/minus sign and that would be saved instantly, instead of having to hit save.


Hi, Ii just send you a PM, please check and let me know if will work for you, is actually an add-on underdevelopment :)

You need an add-on to sync the inventory.

If you do not find ready to use solution, feel free to contact us to get a free quote