Stock Management System

A stock management system would be a nice addon for CS-Cart.

In a module like this, you would be able to:

  • Create a database with different vendors
  • Put different products into different groups
  • Check stock status of different products sorted by product groups
  • Make orders to your vendors and send them by email.
  • When orders are received from vendors, you can mark the products as “received”.
  • You can set an “estimated delivery date” on orders that are not received yet and this date will be published on the ordered products on the website that are out of stock so customers knows when they will get back in stock.

    I have been thinking about making this myself, but i don’t think i have time to finish it myself.

Our team will be glad to create such module for you. If you are interested, just contact us using the link from my signature to get a free quote

I think a lot of people would be interested in this. I would gladly pay a part of this project.

If you have a store with thousands of products from 50 different suppliers, it's very hard to keep control of everything, so I think a lot of people would be interested in this. But it will take some time to make an addon like this.

I would also sign up for this right now, and I was actually planning on having this made when i'm done with out upgrade to the latest version of cs-cart.

I know some people will start screaming “the cart is not for this, use an erp system, etc” but honestly having everything in 1 system is so much easier.

Hi guys,

Our team is also glad to help if you need this add-on done.

Yea there are probably many ERP systems for this, but it's quite a mess to import and export data all the time.

Much easier to have everything in one system.

Magento has an addon for this for $399: http://www.magentoco…nagement-3.html

Maybe you developers can take a look at this to get some ideas. It will take some time to develop, but it doesn't need to be very advanced in the beginning. You can start making something small and expand afterwards if a lot people are interested.

Developing this is on my to-do list. I'll start as soon as our 4.31 stores are live, which is hopefully within a month. I totally agree ERP systems, importing exporting, etc… they are overkill for small to medium sizes shops and I also want to have everything in 1 system.

There is no way that you can make CS-Cart into a working stock system. Not until the way products and options work is overhauled in CS-Cart. Until then you will always need an external system to make it work.

Importing and exporting are a fail by default. Connecting API or automatically reading xml should work.

I'm pretty sure I can make it work, at least for us.

I need this ALSO, I'm willing to participate in the cost LET ME KNOW

Hi, new here, but I work for a small/mid sized online retailer that's moving over to cs-cart, and I would definitely be interested in this kind of mod as well.

me too