Stock Information

Maybe i see it wrong; but is there a way to show the customer the total amount of stock information? So when you select a product, there is productinformation, image, prices…and i also want to show for example i still have 11 pieces of that specific product

can i enable this in cs-cart or do i need to change a code?

Do you have “Enable inventory tracking” checked in settings?

“Enable inventory tracking” is checked

“Allow negative amount in inventory” is checked.

Low stock notification threshold is zero

“Show out of stock products” is checked

And when i change the stock for one product to 99 because everyting is now 1, the product that i changed shows at the frontend no stock information

Does anyone have an example that i can see there is stock information at a shop?

I use 1.3.5-SP3

By checking “Allow negative amount in inventory” you automatically disable the display of inventory counts.

The logic goes like this: a customer can order the product even if the inventory is less than 1. But you don’t want to display such a count as it could be a negative number. And you don’t want to display a negative number.

Try unchecking the “Allow negative amount in inventory”. As I understand it this should solve your problem.

Thxs…hondo69…it works…

And now the next question :smiley:

Is it possible when a product is not in stock; that the customer still can buy it?

Because when i have disabled “Allow negative amount in inventory”. And the quatity is zero there is no option to buy it.

And that option i really need. Because i will order the product in the factory when its not available…

I’m having the same problem and don’t have an answer yet, but the support team is working on it for me. We have two types of products: Stock and Non-Stock.

Stock products:

Just enter the amount in stock and it should display “In Stock: 63 items(s)”

Non-Stock products:

Enter “0” for amount in stock and it should display “In Stock: 0 items(s)”

My settings are as follows:

Admin → Settings → General Settings

Enable inventory tracking - CHECKED

Allow negative amount in inventory - UNCHECKED (this should enable the display of “In Stock: xx items(s)”)

It shouldn’t matter if it is a stock or non-stock item, both product type should show the Add To Cart button. That’s the theory anyway, buy I can’t make it work consistently.

okay, I hope to hear from you…when the suport team make it work for you :wink:


It’s working now, but it was quite a journey.

The short version is that a number of templates had to be revised with custom code added. The support team helped me a great deal on this one.

Example of Factory Order Item:


I have this item set to Factory Order Item only temporarily for testing. I’ll leave it set this way for a few days so you can see how it works. But it’s really a stock item, so I’ll have to change it back after a few days. Later on, I’ll be adding quite a few Factory Order items.

Your best bet is to contact Support and tell them you want the same changes as made for US Builder Supply. I could list the code changes but I also know they made some other changes in the back end. Since I don’t know exactly what those changes involved, giving you just the code would be only half a solution.

Hi Hondo69…thxs for your fast reply…

I all ready asked this to the support/developers teams with some other things. I don’t have a support contract. So they need to develop. Are you still in your support time or did you bought it extra? If you don’t use a contract, how much did it cost?

I’m still under the support contract and I ordered the extra 30 days of support. I think it is $45 for 30 days support.

I have my availability status set up so the information appears in the cart too. When a customer orders multiple products, they can quickly see in their cart which products are in stock and which ones are factory order. Works great for us.

We also have an extra database field added for Factory Orders. It is a text field where you can place a small amount of text like “2 weeks to ship: No Returns”, or “Ships in 3-4 weeks”.

This text has to be entered in the Product Details section of each product. You might have just one factory where you buy from, so you could set the text to always be a default message. That way you wouldn’t have to enter it for every product that is Factory Order.

For us, we have multiple factories with different rules, so we enter each one by hand.