Step by Step Guide for new installations?

Is there a step-by-step guide of the most common “have to's” to get a new installation up and live with just the basic settings.

Most shopping carts that I have used, OSComerce, Zen Cart, have basic setup guides, in a step by step order.

For example:

Set up company name, contact, e-mail etc.

Set up Locations

Set up Shipping

Set up Taxes

Set up payment gateways

Add categories

Add Products

Of course a lot of this is obvious once into the backend, but it still should be in a step-by-step outline from first to last order. For example, I set up localizations before the payment gateway and it made my entire center content disappear on all pages!.

The Knowledge base is helpful but finding articles that relate to specific releases, especially 3x and newer is very frustrating.

Personally the knowledge base and documentation for OSCommerce is much better and more user friendly.

If anyone has a more step-by-step guide that would be great for 3.02


I think that should be posted in