Static Seo-History :-)

Does cs have a hook or pre/post-file I can use to make a function where I can read a list of old links matched to cs internal id, I can put it in mysql or even load it in an associative array.


"product_id";"urls from old shop"

if "request_seo-name" == "seo_name_in_cs" {
// valid seo-name (let cs continue to internal url)
} else {
// not valid seo-name
Redirect to "index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=1111" and let cs take care of 301 redirect to seo-link
(OR redirect to new seo-link

Oops… forgot CS4.1.5 hopfully even 4.2

Forget this… 4.2.1 (rc) has built in function for this… WORKS GREAT :-)