Just finished installing the integration for cs-cart. The installation was easy and it worked perfectly. We did it on version 4.1.4.

You copy five files into the root folder of your store including the settings file with your token. Then add the store as a profile on your account and let it verify the connection. When you press the Import Orders button in your account screen it pulls all orders with status of Processed and lets you print the postage label.

Really cool features:

You can setup multiple shipping methods and line each one up with the appropriate USPS shipping option.

You can choose which order detail fields get displayed in the postage label.

The order status in the store automatically gets updated to Complete and the USPS tracking number is saved in the notes.

Tech note:

There is a delay of 1 - 2 hours between the order being entered into cs-cart and it being imported into You'll appreciate this note when you process your first order and can't figure out why it doesn't show up right away on your screen.

Overall, 100% satisfied with this integration between and cs-cart.

Can you share more details of the integration for cs-cart ? Thanks in advance.

1-2 delay? That's really helpful when you need to print a label at 4:30 - Sno

Not sure what other details you are looking for but…

You need an account at and be using the latest version which is version 12.0. You'll need an account type which supports Batch processing of postage. Follow their instructions to get the e-commerce integration package and extract the files to install the program on your workstation where you'll be processing the label printing.

Contact to get your Electronic Token for your Batch account. Enter it into the settings file along with your store name. Upload the common files and the cs-cart specific files to the root folder of your store.

In your program add a profile for your on-line store including the domain name and electronic token value. Click the verify button and will connect to the store and verify the configuration is working.

In the set up your USPS shipping options. The name of each one should match the corresponding shipping method in your store. Match each Shipping Method to the corresponding USPS shipping method, e.g. Priority Mail, Priority Express, etc.

You can set a rule for each Shipping Method so that a specific box size and rate are always chosen automatically for each method. But, in our case the box size depends on the order and so we did not set a rule. Instead, we choose the box size and rate manually for each order.

Place a test order in the cart. In 1 - 2 hours click the Import Orders button in the Batch screen of the program. You should get all orders that are marked Processed imported in to the order list screen for printing of the postage labels.

Thanks a lot tjordan.

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The order status in the store automatically gets updated to Complete and the USPS tracking number is saved in the notes.


As fine an idea as that is, and it may work for 90% of your order, this will eventually create some problems. For instance, what happens when you have to pack two shipments for the order? Ship part of the order today, and part of the order next week?

Plus, a Shipment should be created automatically and the Tracking number should be included in the Shipment where it belongs. (Tracking numbers don't belong in the “notes”.) In order to do that, the contents of the order has to be in the exchange so the admin can choose the product code and qty shipped for each order.

But, I'm glad to hear is integrating with CS-Cart.