Stackoverflow Reward Program

Hello everybody,

We would like to inform you that we have started our StackOverflow Reward Program.


[size=5]What Do We Offer[/size]

A featured listing for your product or company for a period of one week on CS-Cart Marketplace. You can choose between:


[]listing of one of your your products in the Featured products block on the Marketplace homepage

]placing your company logo in a special block on the All developers page


[size=5]How to Get the Reward[/size]

  1. You should be registered on [url=“”][/url] .
  2. You should answer at least 3 CS-Cart related questions in the reporting period. We will check the results every Monday.
  3. The most active answerer of the week due to the results of our check will get the reward.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in this thread on our forum.

    P.S. The program is available for registered CS-Cart Developers only. If you feel that you are a CS-Cart Developer, you are welcome to apply for a Developer account.


I don't mean to hijack but why would CSC related questions be asked at StackOverflow instead of here? I use StackOverflow for server or custom code related questions but not for CSC specifically.

I think StackOverflow is the best place for tech questions. Especially when you are newby.

Sometimes you have to read several pages of related and not related posts to solve the problem, whereas StackOverflow does not have this problem. There are almost 400 questions at the moment, and I'm sure there will be more: http://stackoverflow…ewest&q=cs-cart

Just think of this as an extra channel to solve tech problem.

Be best to fix the forum so that information is better related. Stack is going to get polluted over time with “how do I” questions that are administrative versus technical. It's clean right now but if it starts getting used, it will become pretty useless. But it will improve your visibility to have links outside

Maybe I just think too logically.? For example if I had the flu, I wouldn't go see my dentist.

Time for a drink! LOL

I think they're just trying to get better visibility in the world outside… It's a marketing issue and they don't want to offer the support so they're trying to entice the rest of us to do it for them.

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]I have tried and found that StackOverflow is the best place for tech questions. You can get any answers :)[/font][/color]