SSL Ultimate Step by Step Guide


Does anyone know of any step by step guide on how to install the ssl certificate for the ultimate v3.6 edition? or can someone provide a step by step guide of a successful ssl set up with ultimate v3.6?


Ultimate v3.6

  1. Must use UCC SSL also known as multi domain SSL
  2. Does not seem to work well with different domain name ie and The UCC SSL will work but error msg pop ups for the second domain.

If you search the forums you will find a NON UCC method (individual certs for each storefront).

I would recommend this method versus the UCC (for both cost and technical reasons).

The article is at: Is a multi-domain ssl required for Ultimate - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

I have tried the individual certs method posted on the forum but I could not get it to work, when i tried to contact tech support guys from cs cart and the hosting provider. They told me it cannot be doneā€¦


They told me it cannot be done.


Disagree. Was the Apache (httpd) service restarted after you made the configuration changes? If not, then they would never have been included. Did you review the resulting httpd.conf file (location depends on your host) to see that the SSL certificate locations and the document roots were set properly for each of your domains?

It is kinda ridiculous there is no cs-cart How To for this. It's virtually impossible for someone who is not a system administrator to get this to work on cpanel.