Ssl - The Secure Connection Check Has Failed.

I am on Namecheap hosting on CS Cart 4.2.x with Vivashop theme installed. I am trying to add SSL to my website. It installed from the cpanel. Also checked on website whether ssl in enabled. all well.

I ticked the 3 options for secure connection at ckeckout which also works as it redirects to https at cart and checkout page.

But when I check SSL from Settings Wizard it gives the following error

The secure connection check has failed. Please check HTTPS settings in the “config.php” file and make sure that SSL certificate is installed on your server.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Please try to check this article:

Hello eComLabs,

I did that also the port thing mentioned on the next page

I am on a shared hosting. So do you think that can be a problem?

Thanks for your interest

Try the following solution. In version 4.2.x the file will be app\schemas\settings\actions.functions.php and the code may be slightly different:

Hello eComLabs,

Sorry for the delay. even tried that way out. But that way also fails

website works oh https: but ssl check fails

In this case we suggest you to contact CS-Cart support team or hire someone to examine the issue directly on your server