SSL Subdomain & Main Domain Anyone !

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Please guide me to the right direction we have two SSL Cert -

[size=3][color=#FF0000]JUST TO BE CLEAR - I dont wanted to use WILD CARD SSL as we have two Extended SSL one for and another one is for[/color][/size]

In my CS-Cart config I have http host as and https host as my , my concern is both the and are on two different IP address with thier own SSL installed , do I have to move CS-Cart into two IP address for example if customer comes in add product to the shopping cart it will take them to , do I have to do something in .htaccess in either and I am little confuse so I will really appreciate if some one please guide me to the right direction , Also please note subdomain is not in a subfolder as my DirectAdmin control panel wont allow me to install SSL on subfolder.

Thanks much.[/font]

SSL certs for the past few years are all “name based” rather than IP based. So the IP address is really irrelevant.

If you have your two sites in two cPanel accounts you should have no problem. If they are in one cPanel account but use different "document root"s then you should also be okay, but your site administrator needs to install them specially.

Suggest you have each store in a separate cPanel account (unless running Ultimate).