SSL not working after changing ssl godaddy renewal

Need immediate assistance.

I am hosting with and using the SSL. I was asked to renew ssl services and since i received a free ssl credit. I decided to utilize by revoking one service and create another one.

Now i cant access my admin page and cannot make payments as my website was ssl enabled. How can i access my admin page? and get this to work again


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If you are hosting with GoDaddy, it’s best that you contact them directly as it presents a whole new amount of issues to resolve it manually.


  1. Open PHPMyAdmin
  2. Select your database
  3. Click on the mySQL tab and paste this mySQL statement in, change YOURDATABASENAME with your database’s name. (Single Quotes are required)

UPDATE `YOURDATABASENAME`.`cscart_settings` SET `value` = 'N' WHERE `cscart_settings`.`option_id` =10003;

UPDATE `YOURDATABASENAME`.`cscart_settings` SET `value` = 'N' WHERE `cscart_settings`.`option_id` =10004;

UPDATE `YOURDATABASENAME`.`cscart_settings` SET `value` = 'N' WHERE `cscart_settings`.`option_id` =7147;

Click on ‘Go’

Your database will no longer request an SSL page for any aspect of your website. Now it’s time to delete the cache’ed files.

Using FTP:

  1. Navigate to /var/compiled
  2. Delete all files under compiled
  3. Navigate to /var/cache
  4. Delete all files under cache
  5. Open your website up using a NEW browser window, preferably a DIFFERENT browser.

    Sometimes browsers cache the expected url for SSL enabled pages and will continue to look for the SSL pages. Using a new browser will not have a cache.


Would i have to delete the the Mail, Admin, Customer folders in the Compiles folder also?

[quote name=‘poloxstar’]Would i have to delete the the Mail, Admin, Customer folders in the Compiles folder also?[/quote]


They regenerate.

Hi any more suggestions? it still not working.

I am able to access my normal home page but the admin and my checkout page is not working.


Hello Poloxstar,

The problem requires the investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide us with a temporary access to your server.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team

Please reply with your result and solution. I just had this happen to me after having my hosting provider (Liquid Web) install an SSL cert. This was in a 2.1.4 Pro install.



Deleting var/cache files and opening in a new browser did the trick.