SSL Certificate - Recommendation needed


I would like to purchase a SSL certificate for our site. As we accept credit card thru’ Paypal, the SSL is mainly for user’s data collection (name, shipping info. contact number,etc). We are using it so that buyer are more confident to shop and make us look more professional.

Anyone can recommend a low cost (ie cheap) SSL?



lots of options out there for sure - i personally use GoDaddy Standard SSL for under $30 - gives you the SSL feature and will keep shoppers happy knowing even their login is secure… like you said paypal will do the transaction part, but the rest of the navigation will be secure - even you in the admin area

good luck

I send many clients to for a basic RapidSSL cert.

For rapid ssl you can get it here for $15 for 1 year -

Thanks for the recommendation.

I went thru’ the site and understand that I need to submit the ‘CSR’. My next question is: what is CSR and the information it contains?

Fist timer in SSL, so may have more questions coming.:wink:

CSR = Certificate Signing Request


More or less likely that your webhost will need to provide this for you.

Thanks Jesse,

Will check with my new webhost - CyberLNC.

However, I have yet to transfer the domain to new host. So not sure whether I can puchase the SSL now.

Looks like you don’t need much more info cause Scott would proberly have done this by the time he reads this thread :smiley:

Yes, Scott is always responsive and helpful. But he might not know who I am as I am with him for less than 1 week. :smiley: Will submit a support ticket.

Anyway, the question should be raise directly to the webhost support instead of this forum. Reason for this posting is because I think the info. migh be useful to the cs-cart community.

Hi Casey

The CSR can be created prior to your changing of name servers however; If the SSL vendor whois checks your domain and sees that it is not resolving to the IP the CSR has been created for they will most likely reject you. It is best to apply for the SSL cert after the domain is resolving to the new server.

You are able to create the CSR yourself within your control panel when ready under SSL/TLS manager. I will help you with this if needed

Thanks Scott. New site is 90% completed. Should be able to transfer the domain in mid March .


You are lucky, you have from what I understand the best host! Scott is really helpful to lots of people on here, whether hosted by him or not!!!


hi BarryH,

yes, you are right.

I am sourcing for months for new shopping cart and new host to replace my existing oscommerce and to moving away from POWWEB as I often getting the database connection errror (due the limitation of MySQL connection).

I visited this forum by chance, and based on the recommendation of fellow forum members, I sign up their service plan last week and purchase the CS-cart one day later. I’m now 90% complete and should be able to switch to new host in mid March.

My experience with CyberLNC and cs-cart so far is very positive. Hope I can get the new site running without much problem.

If anyone is interested, I can post my experience once the switch is completed.



The only thing that I would strongly suggest is that before you publish your site speak to Scott and make sure all your permissions etc are set correctly, and you have deleted install.php as per instructions.

Scott and his business are well respected within this forum and was it not for the fact I had a bad experience with a USA based host I would be with him now. If my small business is successful and I want to have another site I am certain that I will be visiting Scott.

Most importantly, apart from his obvious wealth of hosting knowledge he knows about Cscart and what it likes and doesn’t. He has advised me several issue and I have a lot of respect for him.

Best of luck with your new cart and welcome to the forum!