SQLite VERY slow?

I recently tried going over to SQLITE cache method rather than File and the site really slowed down! Even after leaving the cache to accrue for a few hours the site was still slow! The cache.db got to about 2000000kb and the site was still exceptionally slow! After going back to File the site was once again very fast. I am clearly doing something wrong so would appreciate any guidance. thank you.

Might depend on what capabilities you are using in your store.

If your cache.db file was really 2000000KB (2 million KB = 2GB of cache) then you definitely have a problem.

its now 8224768kb after approximately 9 hours being used and its above sitemap.xml file that’s also been created in the directory. :-(

Like I said, I think you have something seriously wrong with your site configuration to have an 8GB cache (regardless of what method is being used).

Certainly can't debug from here. Suggest you spend a couple $$ in support credits to have cs-cart take a look for you to figure out why your cache is so huge.