SQL error Field 'birthday' doesn't have a default value on installation

Hi, I'm having problem with installation of version 4.0.1.

I get following sql error om installation :

#1364 - Field 'birthday' doesn't have a default value

It happens when system tries to add admin user. I could fix this manually but then I get the same error on another table.

Does any one know what problem is?

my configuration :

PHP 5.3.10

MySQL 5.6.10 - MySQL Community Server (GPL)


Ok in case if some one run into the same issue, the thing is that mysql mode must be cleared. And it works only if it was made globaly. Ihad to run following command

SET GLOBAL sql_mode=''

there is a way to make this setting permanent via my.cfg (they say to just set sql-mode='') but it didn't work for me