Split Payments


I was wondering if there is a way to have part payments? Or another alternative.

Here is the example:

We are a school and parent buys an iPad and wants to pay for this in instalments.

The school charges an admin fee for this service, this can be added to the payment method by means of surcharge. Done

In this scenario however, the parent is required to pay a deposit, let's say $160. Then for the remaining they would like reccuring billing over 10 months.

I have setup re-occuring billing and added the amounts as a percentage and the first instalment as $160. This makes sense and should work. However as soon as I add the products to this recurring billing option, the product cannot be added to the cart and only supplies a link down the bottom called EDIT SUBSCRIPTION or similar which does not actually do anything?

Have I done something wrong as I would have thought that once you add reccuring billing it would give the user the option to buy it with instalments or buy using Paypal, instead the product becomes useless.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hi Chris,

I went about this in a totally different way, i offer Lay-by on my website and had the same issue so my solution was to do the following

Enter a product at the Lay-By deposit amount, which they purchase as normal

Then in a category called lay-by payments, I set up products with actual $ amount so in my case

$5 $10 $15 $20 $25 and $50

Whenever anyone wants to make a payment they sign into their account and make a purchase of the actual $ amount, using combinations they can make it to any set amount. Has worked really well for me actually