Speed of Cs-Cart V 2.1.3 vs V 4.0.x

Dear All

I have sites running on V 2.1.3, V 2.2.x V 3.0.x and V 4.0.1 (test site).

I am looking for views and inputs on which version of Cs-Cart loads fastest for your websites. Here are my observations:

V 2.1.3 - Front end loads very fast; site starts loading instantly.

V 4.0.x - The initial load time is very high. The homepage loads after a 5-7 seconds delay, but after that, it is fast.

Both sites are on the same server. I love the features and new look of V 4.0.x, but don't want to have a site slower than V 2.1.3

Would appreciate inputs and views from the community, based on your experience with different versions.

Warm Regards


i have just setup my new test site (cs-cart 4.0.2) and it loads fast.


i am using nginx php5-fpm, apc, mariadb on a debian 7 virtual server connected to the outside test domain (this is my test site)

as you can se i get under 2 sec initial load time and a score of A 95 / A 90 and i only just begun to optimize the server