Speed at user events

Is there a way to improve the speed of the site when a user event happens?

Vendor sign up
Payment (especially for Stripe)
Account creation

The rest of the site is relatively quick but these events seem to take an age and are affecting conversion. Any tips would be greatly appreciated

Vendor sign up and account creation processes require sending an e-mail notification, which slows them down. But because customers/vendors usually go through this process only once, this does not affect their experience with the CS-Cart.

Payment method speeds are dependent on the speed of providers (in your example, Stripe), and there’s not much CS-Cart can do about it. Plus, placing order also sends a notification.

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because customers/vendors usually go through this process only once, this does not affect their experience with the CS-Cart

How so? Wouldnt it affect their experience significantly. I.e when they actually wish to sign up or create a vendor account or purchase and actually interact with our site in a meaningful way lwhich we want them to do , they are slowed down. There is no loading screen and so its extremely easy for drop offs to occur or numerous request sent resulting in erros.

Other platforms are able to send notifications too but without a compromise to speed. Surely we can do something that should mitigate against this performance issue

I get your point. Though, what degree of speed are we talking about?

Most of our demo stores use Google SMTP for sending e-mails. If you try to register on https://ultimate.multi-vendor.pl (one of our demo stores), the registration process upon clicking button “Register” takes 5-6 seconds. Which, at least in my opinion, is a reasonable time.

If your registration process (and other actions which require sending e-mails) take very long, it may be the fault of SMTP/hosting/internet connection, and not actually CS-Cart itself.

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For vendor sign up and stripe payment i would say closer to 10 seconds. For modern day ecommerce this is far too slow.

I think the issue beyond the speed itself is there is no loading screen or communication to the end user which confuses them on whether their request has been submitted correctly or not


Could you please contact us via Help Desk with this request, so that we may be able to investigate this issue?


I have opened a ticket but no response yet.

On the dev site, i asked someone to look into it and he returned the following:

I have checked the code line by line and i got a function “fn_change_order_status”.
In this function a hook is used “change_order_status_post”.
Process is slow after this hook is trigger and I also checked by disabling all addons those using this hooks.
But there is no improvement in speed.

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Its telling me to purchase customer care but I opened this chat as I just wanted tips to on how speed up user events at cs cart given the poor performance

I tried @soft-solid demo store posted above and whilst registration was confirmed no confirmation e-mail was.

I tried my site www.thefarmerslot.com.au and process was closer to @riwaya at 12 seconds and I don’t have stripe sign-up intergrated (would be interested to know how you did that). I have raised a ticket with cs-cart (have current subscription) and will post outcome.


I am afraid our Customer Care department in the Help Desk works on paid basis, so in case you have no Customer Care subscription we won’t be able to help you.

Thanks @chickentwisty , have they managed to get back to you on the issue?

Related to your query on stripe sign up. Its separate points that both had the delay.

  1. Payment via Stripe
  2. User sign up (separately)

Hope that clears it up!

@riwaya they advised allow_url_fopen in php settings was set to off, I have turned it on but still have a 20 second delay.

Thanks for the update @chickentwisty . @CS-Cart_team can you please suggest next steps?

This seems to be a real issue that is causing problems across different stores. More importantly, causing an issue with user conversions

I am afraid I cannot add anything here, since this issue requires examination directly in your installation.

Did you ever follow up with support on this one?