Specific template for product only

I would like to use a specific template for one product.

I didn't find out how it's possible with CS-Cart to do that, so I simply added a if clause matching the specific product ID and added the layout changes.

I think it could be done in a nicer way.

Aside from that I'd like to know how to disable modules for specific products. Like at an adult product I like to have the age verification but at a regular done I don't like to have it.


In 2.x I had to to it that way, but 3.x has it built in.

On your Product page in the Admin scroll down and look for Product details layout selection.

Here you can choose any template you want for that product. Cs-cart comes with a few, but you can easily make your own. They are in the skins/basic/customer/blocks/product_templates directory. Start with one, copy and rename it, and edit away. Any file in that directory will show as a selectable template in the Admin page.

I have a client I have created about 15 templates (layouts) to use on different products. Some with no qty, some with product tabs on top, some with no discount table, etc.

Thanks for that. I did all my changes but there's one thing that I didn't find out. How could I hide the wishlist button in a specific product? I saw that there's a var ($hide_wishlist_button) for this in: buy_now.pre.tpl but how to set it.

I could do it by using {php} global $hide_wishlist_button {/php} in the special template but there seem to be another way. Is there maybe an option that I'm not aware of?

hey triplets thank you for sharing that with the rest of the class…

do version or upgrade changes interfere with these newly created page layouts?


{assign var=“hide_wishlist_button” value=false}

Ok, Im searching for a solution to an issue I have.

Ive created a version of product_options.tpl that generates a different product options Layout depending on which Product details layout template is set for the product. In my case its when " modern_long_options_template.tpl" is selected.

All good and now working.

The problem now is:

a. This layout is only sutable for a particular type of product.

b. Its not sutable for other products in a Product List.

c. Other Layout templates are not sutable for this product.

So to solve this, I need CS Cart (v2.1.4) to use the Product_details-layout template that is set for each product individually for each product on the "Product List " pages (the lst of products under a category). Rather than use the setting configured for the Category (product list) for all products in the list, the each product in the list may be layed out differently.

Wow, thats a brain twister!

Im guessing this wont be that hard to do but I just cant find how/where to modify this.

Wondering if ayone else has don this, or could point me in the rigth direction.

I think you're confusing a “list object” with a “detail object”. I would suggest that you NOT have options in your product “lists” but instead use the link of “select options” which will take them to the product detail page where you can then apply your custom layout.

Hello tbirnseth, Thanks for your reply.

We want to display product options on the product lists. Without going into a lengthy justification as to why, the way our shop works is that all products in a List are related to each other. So customers often purchace a number of items straight from the list, as they effectively build a customised “kit” of items that pertain to another device that may or may-not also be available from our store.

If Im correct, using the link of “select options” is a store wide setting of the layout templates, and cannot be applied to individual products. Is that right?

Another reason for this is that many of our customers are on slow internet services, indeed the irony of our business is to sell product to customers to fix this. For this and other reasons, customers are reluctent to be opening many pages.


Looking at the Product Detail:

Details for the Smart Antenna Product

youll see the major changes made to the Product_options.tpl. This format is the only way that we can send the required information to the dropshipper of this product.

If you see the Short List for this same product, youll note that the options format just does not layout well at all:

Short List for the Smart Antenna Product

Thats the Product options format used for most Product Lists.

So what we currently do is hide that Category that the main product is under, and have another product of $0 in the Priducts List Category. This has no options and just hard links to the real product.:

List of Products to suit the Smart Antenna

This is not ideal as you can well imagine, so…

Rather than the Product Lists using the “list object” to make every product have the same layout, it seems to me that if the “detail object” for layout could instead be applied to each product in the list individually then our problem would be solved.

Even better would be a “Override List Layout” check box on the products.update page to easilly set this for each product.

I hope this explains things a little more clearly, I guess im hoping someone may have already done this, but always seem to be somewhat the Maveric with my needs.

Thanks again.

Are you replacing just the options presentation in the product detail view, or are you using a separate layout? If you're just replacing the options, then you should be able to replace that in whatever list object you are using (assuming you are using one that allows selection of options).