Special Pricing For Customers Is This Possible

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Im currently loving CS cart it offers pretty much everything I need, I ran into an issue with some clients that need online ordering through us with their special pricing. I looked and played around for hours and hours on end in CS cart trying to make this work but cant happen. Im looking to setup a customer with their own special pricing, however in CS cart right now it seems easy to set them up with a membership with a % off the board. However the markdown % isnt the same for all products. When they log in I want them to have special pricing on certain products we set them up with. The across the board would not work cuz some products we take a loss on just to gain a contract with them, and some items we mark higher but not higher than regular store price. We always stay below for those types of customers. The membership just wont work like that, I was hoping to pay a delv. on your end to make this customization. I would like some kind of button to setup special pricing for the customer in the back end.

So i would click “Special Pricing” or w/e you want to call it Then select my customer “John Doe” Then takes me to list of all their products I have added in their own list, with the price next to the product, this is what they see and I charge when they log in. Also to have the product search included on this page so I can look up products and add them on the list as well and give them their special price on that item. This will save so much time and hassle for me, we are going to have about 400 to 700 accounts like this by next year. We are willing to pay for this add on if we can have a quote as well. We hope you understand our needs and wants really bad, if you have any questions please contact me, we are in desprate need of something like this.

Basic EXAMPLE of backend

Specail Pricing for John Doe

Their Price Regular pricing when not logged in.

Soap $4.99 $9.99

Water $2.99 $19.99

Candy $0.10 $5.99

Paint $20.00 $100.00

If anyone knows anything on how to do this im willing to pay for any information leading to this fix or anyone that can make a mod. Thank You. Im always on skype as well.

You can achieve setting specific prices for a membership by using the Wholesale prices module. This allows you the flexibility of using a membership to define pricing for either a single customer or multiple customers who share the same pricing.

You could then request the simpler change of providing a Membership option for the product search in Manage products. You can already limit the Wholesale pricing export by membership.

Not as elegant a your solution but I suspect considerably less expensive.