Special Eu Tax Rates For Usergroups

We want to run a B2B wholesale storefront, and a separate direct to the consumer retail storefront, using the same products, on the same installation.
The problem is Tax for the European Union. For retail customers we need to charge tax, but for wholesale customers we need to not charge tax. CS-cart doesn't currently let us set different tax rates for different usergroups.
If we could set a tax rate based on user group that supersedes the default one, it would allow us to charge correctly.

P.S. It would also allow us to display prices excluding tax for wholesale customers (by having the "Price includes tax" not ticked) and leave it as uncluded for retail customers.

As we see you need the additional modification. Our developers' team can make it for your website. Just contact us to get a free quote.

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--> http://cs-cart.seonid.com/cs-cart-addons/cs-cart-intra-community-vat-number.html


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