Special discount modules

something like

  1. buy 1 get 1 free
  2. buy 5 get 1 free
  3. buy 1 get 1 half price
  4. buy 1 get 1 70% OFF

    anyone interest??? I’m interested

Yes interested.

Hello Me too im interested i was wondering as im new to cscart as well is it possible to have a quantity discount per product like if buy 5 get them at 3$ anything after its 1$ somthing of the sort…


Definitely interested!

I’m interested

Theres a lot of people interested in this feature…

Im just wondering why you ask taydu ?

Was you thinking of some kind of “split the payment” and get the CS Team to custom code it, or where you asking if somebody on the forums would make a mod ?

curiously wondering what it would cost?


hmmm any updates on this one…


there is rumor that this module will be available with the standard package ( I don’t know when.) So I make this thread to see how many are interest, and hoping that the developer can look into this thread and give us some idea when it will be available.

Very much interested!

My client sells wine. When ordered six bottles in a box one pays a certain amount. Some wines come in boxes of twelve, which are less expensive per bottle price. Other more expensive wines can be bought per bottle.

  1. bottle price per 6 (standard)
  2. bottle price per 12
  3. bottle price

    With option 1. and 2. people can only order in multiples of 6 and 12. I would like a second extra module where you can order multiples only but where price per item is shown.

I’ll voice my desire for this module as well. In addition to cross-selling, (related items,) up-selling is just as important. Offering an additional product at a discount when ordering is a very powerful way to increase sales.

Put me down as very interested in this mod.