Special Characters input


I was wondering if you guys have an idea on how to do this.

My sister makes personalized books. So people have to fill out the name of the main character and more. But some people are named Mariëlle or Björn and customers have major problems typing these characters.

So I’d like to implement an easy way for customers to type special characters, or maybe a way for them to easily copy and paste them from a block without it ruining the entire websites looks.

All tips are welcome!.. Thanks in advance!

Why not provide them a link to a Google search (or if you know a specific site) that can give them help on the keyboard codes to do different characters? Would seem a lot simpler since this is the exception rather than the rule. If they are using a native keyboard that has speciall chars already then there’s not issue.

Hi tbirnseth,

Thanks for your answer. In Holland we use American keyboards, so there are no special letters on it. We do get quite some names containing them though.

Simply linking to a site… I’m afraid we will loose customers cause they think it’s too complicated (a lot of older people order from our site).

I’m thinking about creating a javascript popup now where they can see the most often used alt codes and / or copy and paste the characters from, or a virtual keyboard that pops up.

Tips on how to do this are very welcome… thanks!

Please post your solution when you get there. It will be interesting.


Thanks for reminding me! I also do personalized products and can accept foreign characters.

I forgot to put something in my cs-cart for this. Not sure where, but in my other cart under FAQ, I have this:

Can I use foreign Characters like,é and Ñ?

Yes you can! This is how: Holding down Alt and typing in the corresponding number (on the ten key pad only) will place the accented letter in the text box.

Alt 0225 = á Alt 0193 = Á

Alt 0233 = é Alt 0201 = É

Alt 0237 =í Alt 0205 = Í

Alt 0243 = ó Alt 0211 = Ó

Alt 0250 = ú Alt 0218 = Ú

Alt 0253 = ý Alt 0221 = Ý

Alt 0241 =ñ Alt 0209 = Ñ

I will probably have a tab or something in cs-cart, not too obvious to look in FAQ’s

I know I can enter this in cs-cart, just tried, but did not test all the way through, ie, invoice, email etc.

I also discovered that these characters won’t work with the regular expressions I am using and may have to change this in order to allow foreign characters.


Hi Bob,

Couldn’t you put this in a “title” tag for the textboxes where this gets entered? Then, when they hover over it, they would see it. If not a title tag, then an onmouseover event and have it hover an small window.


I do very little foreign characters. Usually its just some french accents related to a person’s name. Not as much as someone in which all the text is in a non-English language.

Also, I am not sure where the alt tag is for text fields. There is a place for regular expressions, comments (which I use for most fields already) and inner comments.

My alt tags don’t seem to get populated in 2.1.1 anyway. I don’t see any for the images, even though all the images have descriptions.



Flow, try to integrate the following jquery keypad into your code. It looks like it would be perfect for what you are trying to do. When you visit the link go to the “characters” tab to see the keypad in action with different special characters.

[URL=“jQuery Keypad”]http://keith-wood.name/keypad.html[/URL]

Another one that is nice, and seems to have several language keyboards included that the user can switch between is:

[URL=“JavaScript Graphical / Virtual Keyboard Interface”]http://www.greywyvern.com/code/javascript/keyboard[/URL]

Hey thanks all!

Adodric, I was just working on installing your second option, but the first might look even neater! :smiley: