Spam bots getting around captcha (sp?) in 2.2.3

Never had this issue until today. I have had about 10+ spam emails in the last 2 hours, and captcha is enabled to send emails via contact us.

Personal information E-mail: FTqiZKjtetHDETTJU First name: OATaRUgDSPEnfuKe Last name: KJbwEHWnVwyFAxtM Order Number: uFlXkJMqSsgcH Message Subject: zcAhjwofCFPAzjQq Body: Damn, I wish I could think of seomthing smart like that!

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I have had these before. Usually I just change some of the settings for the captcha and they go away.

I altered the captch ato show double digits for a day or so that stopped. Changed it back as it was confusing for customers.