SP-Cart - clone or rebranding?

Still exploring different carts, and came across this one [url]http://sp-cart.com/[/url]

Tried an online demo and it looks exactly the same as CS Cart! The one under an ugly logo though.

Feel puzzled and confused :?

Yes, They are most likely a reseller with allowances for re-branding.

EDIT: Lol…



The CS-Cart Favicon is a pretty good give a way! :smiley:

Yeah, you would think for $10K they could have invested a couple hundred in coming up with a unique skin design, funny stuff!

CS-CART: version 1.3.2

[quote name=‘Tool Outfitters’]CS-CART: version 1.3.2[/quote]

actually 2.0.10, but the url states 1.3.2 yes.

Yep, I didn’t check out the demo.

Reckon they are making any money?

Depends how fake the testimonials sound… MLM? Seriously?

I don’t think they make any money and don’t think they will find many people who are so naive to buy it. Except they sell the script somewhere else as on web (the site is just so there).


read this!




“Tantric Yoga”, I have no clue what this is, however, I ordered the book from the site! :smiley:

Why is there no reply from the CS-Cart team? I’m curious about this…

[QUOTE]Why is there no reply from the CS-Cart team? I’m curious about this…[/QUOTE]

Well, I don’t think there is much for them to reply about as the firm referred to is a reseller re-branding the cart.

I have founded new strange company. It is ce-cart.com. And it seems that its demo works under 3.1.1.