Sorting Product Order Incredibly Frustrating

I can’t believe I can’t find the answer to this in the knowledge base or on the forum and have to bother people. The customer’s view of the product order is influenced by the order I add the item to the catalog and I can’t find any way to influence it.This is as I say incredibly frustrating as I’m offering dog training classes and it shows them in an illogical order. I want to show the first available class I teach to show Wednesday before the Saturday in that category. Please reply even if to say it’s not a feature or it’s not a simple feature or fingers crossed it’s just something I’ve developed a blindspot and I’m missing the obvious.

Hello John,

Select the category which you have your dog training classes listed under, then choose “View Products” which should display all of the classes (products) you have listed. Then enter the numerical position (POS.) you want these classes to be displayed as, select All and save. Your class dates should then be displayed on your site in the numerical order you set them as.