Sorting Product images

I have recently started creating products for my shopping cart and have run into 2 problems:

  1. I am housing my images on the file system of my server (rather than the database), so that I can replace images(with the same size and name), that will be used on many pages, directly through an ftp. Yet everytime I upload an image cs-cart changes the file name from: image_name.jpg to image_name120361747147bdbebf99bf6.jpg or something similar. I want to know if cs-cart will continue to rename if i try to reupload the image or if that is a one time change. Also it would be great if I could turn this rename off.

  2. The update products page in the admin, when I am on the image tab, it doesn’t allow me to sort the images. Instead I have to delete items and reupload to sort them. Is there any way around this? Also when I clone a product it resorts the images on the items tab into another order. Can this be stopped?

Anyone have any ideas for this?