Sorting issue with Configured Product + Bonus ?

Hello everyone:

I am having issues with product sorting in the configurable products section of our site. Please see photos attached below:

Photo 1 display the configured product as it should look in the product group order I set.

However, when I add the configured product to the cart, the cart re-sorts the products in reverse.

It get’s crazier. Once the order is paid for, when you view the order, invoice, or PDF of invoice, the sort order changes once again to alphabetical.

And for today’s BONUS question, even though I have the admin settings on tax on subtotal, here is a pic of the tax on this $600+ system!

If anyone out there can shed some light, I would be most grateful!

Thank you!


Does anyone have any idea of how to re-sort the checkout list and invoice for configured parts?

I have the same problem with one installation that uses the product configurator .

Is there a solution?