Sorting / Category large number of groups...Advice?

Looking for advice…

A client sells adventure days - paint balling, driving, etc.

They want to be able to sort products (adventure days) by region, and type…

So for example:

Region 1

      • Shooting
      • Driving

        Region 2
      • Shooting
      • Driving

        etc, etc, etc.

        Problem being that this will quickly become very repetitive and horrible to organise as we are talking 50+ regions, and 3-6 types of product…

        Therefore, the above structure of parent child categories just will not work…

        Can anyone think of another way, better way, ideal solution?

        Ideally it would be good to have regions and type as my two parent categories with their relevant ones beneath them. The product could then be placed in multiple categories relating to either the selected region and or the selected type… or even multiple regions and a single type… But how would i sort the data to display results from merged categories selections without duplicating?

        Perhaps make the menu not look at categories, but do a search instead?

        Any advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks, N

Would creating groups of your regions as the top level categories and the Regions 1-xx assigned to the appropriate top levels work? Then create a product (bird watching assigned to major category or Region 1 and then multi select secondary categories for how ever many regions xx that offer this product?


regions 1

regions 5

Rocky Moutains

region 6

region 12


create snowboarding product assigned to major category region 7 and secondary catagories 9,10,11

This would work if the prices are the same everywhere…

Seems like this would work if I understand what you are trying to do. If I’m wrong… at least I tried :wink:

hi thanks for your reply and try… it would work, but effectively that would be no different from creating each one manually - and that is a lot to do!!!

Therefore, what i have been researching and seemed to have done is modify the search feature with a custom add-on…

effectively i setup two new search fields “special_cat1” and “special_cat2”

When one or both of these are searched for i run a special search script which checks for products in one of those special categories (or both) and returns only them… Note if searching both it returns only products that appear in both categories, not all from each - that is the main difference!

If anyone is interested, ever down the line and i am still active, PM me and i will send over instructions, N

couldn’t you also do it the opposite way?


|— region 1

|— region 2