Sort by date? messed up.

I'm adding products and noticed that sorting is pretty screwed up.

When you add several products with same day date they definitely don't sort up in order you created them.

I was expecting a very simple logic that when I create products they will keep exactly same order in sorting by newest as they were created.

But they definitely not…

Should I force dates to different days for proper sorting? Like if I want to add 50 products today I should line them up for couple months term? Each product with own exclusive day.

I've never once seen this happen - the 'newest' products are generated via the product creation date which is stored in php epoch time. Check the database table cscart_products and confirm the values, you can use this tool to convert epoch to day/month/year/hour/minute/second format.

Well right now I see the issue. That publishing doesn't sort it in the order you publish them. Logically I'd expect a store to keep publish date and time when I publish it without messing with database. Right know I see such messed up order.

1- newest 9-oldest.










Are you adding these products via the admin (ie. Products>Add Product) or importing by CSV or another method?

As I said, check the timestamp in the cscart_products database table, this is how the sort is calculated.

I’m adding them in admin panel the way this software is designed so I can assign a person who knows 0 about databases and keeps adding the products.

What I suspect is that admin panel treats properly only the date but time is messed up.

Ok here is the dates data from csv for 10 test products I’ve just added. Why the time is ignored??

14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00 14-03-13 00:00

Analyzing the list I see that it records only 1 hour increment.

So all products published within single hour are inverted putting the newest down. After an hour it resets publishing a new inverted portion.

This isn’t a bug right? I just have to pay developers to develop a new module that publishes it properly, right? ;)

So is it Cs-cart's feature not a bug?