"sorry, The Store Is Temporarily Closed For Maintenance." When Trying To View A Product

We are currently running version 4.1.5 and recently the admin had difficulties when updating product details. After submitting the edited product details he received the “Sorry, store is temporarily closed…” message however upon checking the details of the products the changes had been made.

Since then we have been having problems when someone clicks on a product in the store to see the product details they get the “Sorry, the store is temporarily closed for maintenance.” message.

Could anyone please tell me what might be causing this and how I might resolve this situation.

The site is http://santinas.com.au

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I believe 4.1 was before they had the Service Unavailable stuff so it was harder to distinguish between the store being actually closed and there being a DB error.

Suggest you TEMPORARILY add to the end of your config.local.php

if( !defined('DEVELOPMENT') ) define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

If you are getting a DB error then it will be displayed when the fault occurs.

Alternatively you can look at Administration/Logs and then filter on 'Database' and look for related errors. But the first method will leave no doubt about where the problem is coming from.

I placed that line of code temporarily and received the error "Table '…' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (145).

I googled it, found the fix and repaired the table.

Thank you for your assistance, it was much appreciated.