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I’ve submitted a ticket to CS-Cart but I’m getting no response to it which is becoming quite annoying.

I’ve recently just transferred a Multi Vendor installation from EC2 to WHM. The template and backend seem to be in order but Plugins and a lot of pages from the backend respond with the “Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.” error with the red sign saying “Service Unavailable”. This happens when I try to access any page under “Settings” such as Settings > General or when trying to use the visual editor.

As for the add ons, Everytime I try to change settings for any add on it says “ErrorOops, something went wrong (Service Temporarily Unavailable). Please try again.” in a red bubble on the top right of the page.

I can’t seem to fix it and have no idea where to even start.

The migration process was as followed:

  1. SSH into EC2 and create a zip of all files and directories
  2. Download backup.
  3. Install a clean copy of CS-CART MV on the new server.
  4. Copy over any add ons/themes from the backup

    The front end loads fine, And I’m able to login to the backend without issue.

    I simply can’t change setting for any add ons or use the visual editor or access any pages under the Settings Tab

    I’m getting quite annoyed by how long it’s taking to get a reply from CS-Cart, I hope someone can lead me into the right direction.

    Thank You

Just wait on them.

Normal it takes 1-2 days before you get the mail from cs-cart.

  1. Please make sure that the http and https hosts are correct in the config.local.php

  2. Make sure that the store-front URL is correct:

    Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

  3. Delete the var/cache directory manually

    Hope that helps.

As Ecomm says, probably the cache.

You can also add this to the end of your config.local.php file

if( !defined('DEVELOPMENT') ) define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

This should then display the database error you are getting instead of the Service Unavailable page.

You can comment out the line after you rectify the problem.

For some reason I wasn't getting email's for these replies.

I ended up resolving the issue. It seems that the parent_id field was missing from the cscart_settings_objects table of the database.

As for the visual editor, I was using a SMS notifications plugin which caused it to stop working.

Thanks to CS-Cart for the help, Everything is ready to rumble now.

we have both storefront and admin login page “Service Unavailable” :shock:

troubleshoot as following, anybody has similar issue? or any suggestion? Thanks!



[color=#000000][font=Helvetica][size=3]Can’t find record in ‘cscart_sessions’ b[/b][/size][/font][/color][color=#000000][font=Helvetica][size=3]

SELECT * FROM cscart_sessions WHERE session_id = ‘1b22cd0ebfb161fde03bea8b581e53c0_1_C’[/size][/font][/color]

[size=“3”]Error at[/size]

[color=#000000][font=Helvetica][size=3]app/Tygh/Database.php, line: 646[/size][/font][/color]


[font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/Tygh/Database.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]331[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]_error[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/Tygh/Database.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]156[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]query[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/functions/fn.database.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]54[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]getRow[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/Tygh/Backend/Session/Database.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]31[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]db_get_row[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/Tygh/Session.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]96[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]read[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/Tygh/Session.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]341[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]read[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/Tygh/Session.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]462[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]start[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]app/functions/fn.init.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]918[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]init[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]init.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]128[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]fn_init[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]File:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]index.php[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Line:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]24[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]Function:[/font] [font=“UICTFontTextStyleBody”]require[/font]

Open phpMyAdmin and try to repair the cscart_sessions table. If it does not help, clear it

I wrote some warnings in the security section and in the bugtracker… but nobody reads ; )

[quote name='demeldoo' timestamp='1418728160' post='199920']

I wrote some warnings in the security section and in the bugtracker… but nobody reads ; )


A link would be helpful and/or a description of what you wrote.

but this issue can be also related to www