Some users have difficulty logging in?

We are running 2.0.14. We seem to get a bit higher than normal number of complaints from users about login problems compared to other carts we’ve used. Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone made some improvements to resolve it? My best guess is that it may have a lot to do with some users not noticing/reading the red and green messages that appear in the upper right portion of the screen? Others complain that the password when they enter it has a lot more * characters than they typed. Here’s an example:

“I’m not sure if you the person i need to ask but i keep trying to change my password and it wont let me and punts in a password much longer then i wish to make it can you please help me”

However maybe it is just that with any shopping cart you are always going to have a small percentage of users that just need hand holding due to their lack of experience or skills using websites?