(Solved) Right Way To Use Tpl Hooks And Path

I've been trying to create a hook for naming the page titles {hook name="index:title"}, but can't seem to get hooks to work correctly.

Editing directly to the "/design/themes/responsive/templates/index.tpl" file, gets the result i want, so I know it isn't the code, but just the hooks that I am not getting right.

Steps I've taken:

1) Enable "My Changes" addon

2) Manually created folders and file to /design/themes/responsive/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/index/title.override.tpl

3) I pasted the changed code into this title.override.tpl

I've tried reading up the following:



So it seems like my file path and file name is correct.

Is there something else I'm missing? Does the title.override.tpl file need to include the "{hook name="index:title"} ... {/hook}" lines, or just the lines between these (although I tried both and neither worked).



Turns out it was all correct, but I had to clear cache (Administration > Storage > Clear cache) for it to take effect.

You must always clear the cache when you add a new hook. If you have the "update automatically" setting in Design/Templates set to On then subsequent changes to that template will be reflected after update. If it's Off, you will need to clear your cache after every update.