(Solved) Oops, Removed All Manual Added Products


In our main layout, we put in a block called products. In this tab, we set the products to fill MANUAL input products. This way, you can edit a specific product layout and add items that relate to that product in the layout. (To show products that go along side the product a visitor is watching).

So, the block is set to "Fill manually".

Now someone did something they shouldn't and updated a product but selected it to apply to ALL pages. now we have 7000 products with overwritten products in the block products.

Our provider makes 30 minute backups, no problem there.

However, which table of the database do i need to recover to get all product associations back for that block?

I searched the database in the hopes i would find something i could relate to, but no go.

Anyone have an idea?

Thanks in advance.

Fixed by recovering the views. blocks and snapping tables.

thanks for answer