Sole Survivor Leather & Shoes

Finally our first store is complete. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts.

I was hoping to launch with version 3 but since its not ready we reverted back to the 2.2.4.

Any feedback is welcomed :)

Our website is for our retail store where we sell leather goods that are handmade and designed in the usa in our Leatherworks studio, we also sell a variety of european comfort footwear, as well as some classic brands such as Merrell, and Frye.

You can view our website at

The site looks nice, and good products. Though the color used for product prices is hard to read, it blends in with the background.

I just noticed from my tools that Google has indexed in excess of 25,000 pages (looking at your website I do not think you would have this number). From Google most of these are 404 page not found.

To improve your SEO you need some description on the products, a good description can get you close to page 1 of search results.

Also your Meta Description and Keywords for products are empty.

Just one other thing which may not be that important is you still have the default favicon.ico

Thanks for your comments. Were still working on the meta stuff. This is an existing website that were converting over to CSC but right now were having some issues with the getting the products into the database properly so were missing quite a few products right now.

As for the price yeah I did see that. That was an issue I missed. Thanks for pointing that out.

i would suggest you change the favicon to something you can generate if you do not have any there are free sites out there that has free favicon generators the favicon is the little symbol on the left side on the address bar in the browser

but right now cs cart favicon shows up on your site

Yea I plan to fix it just been swamped with othe things but I do have it on my to do lol.

Hi, i like your shop, it looks clear.

Could you please tell me how to include the features into de description tab in the product details please? I am trying to do it but i have the features in a different tab. I want to use it to display the brand and i would also like to be clickable to display the brand products. Now i just have the brand displayed but not clickable.

Thanks you in advance! and good luck with your shop…