Software Bundles and Serial generation


I am thinking about switching CS-Cart…

I have site that sells software bundles.

So the first question is does CS Cart support bundles, I saw the “Buy Together” option, but it seemed kind cumbersome, and layout looked a little funky if you have say 12 items in the bundle.

So how would CS Cart handle this, and are there Add Ons that anybody can recommend.

Second, since I am basically selling software serial numbers which I get in one of three ways, a URL on the developers site (usually pass in First, Last, Email), a list of pre-generated serials (I just pick the next one in the list), or it is standard text supplied by the developer, which is usually in the form of coupon.

Does CS Cart have this functionality, or is there an Add On that is available, or could it be easily written. It would need to apply to all of the products contained in the bundle, but should also work for the individual products as well.

Thank you for the suggestions, I have taken a look at CS-Cart and it seems to have all of the features that I am looking for except for this and the forum integration which I will cover in another thread.


Answered your first question in other post.

If you have multiple methods of obtaining the license key then it’s going to be very difficult to provide a way to automate. You could (for each product) determine the provider (maybe use Suppliers) and then do whatever special handling is needed to apply that key to the item. If you can use one key for many products then that would also have to be accounted for.

Basically you would need to define your rules and then implement custom code to applly those rules to the order.

Would also suggest that after all keys have been applied that the automated solution change the order status to something so you know when to notify the customer of the availability of the keys.

What I do on my site is:

I use an order manager to manage orders after the sale.

I have a shell script that will generate the license key based on domain and update my license server database.

I cut/past the key into the order and then send the key (and licensed domain) with the Sales receipt after I charge their CC.

I then go into cs-cart and enable the download which notifies the customer through yet another email.

Thanks again for the info.

I am not sure that would work very well for me, as the bundles tend to be very high volume. So generating the serials by hand would be a bit of a pain.

So I am looking for something automated.

Have you seen anything like that?