Social share should open native apps

This is a suggestion. The default social share addon should work like this.
Don’t show social media button, instead it should only show one share icon, like the one used on iOS/MacOS. And when a mobile user clicks on it, it should open (from the bottom) native mobile apps to share directly to while capturing the product’s image and title. This will encourage sharing and clicks.

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Doesn’t it increase the length of the sharing process?
Also, sharing buttons are also used on desktop versions of the store, so I guess CS-Cart developers want to have consistency between mobile and desktop versions.

I don’t think it increases the sharing process. In fact, it offers a quick personalised sharing process (on mobile). Click share, native favourite apps and chats show up without leaving or covering your entire shopping site, and send.
Versus the old version, click the social media button, load the site on a new window or the whole screen, login if you are not, then choose type of sharing, post or message then send then navigate back to the site.
I’d agree with your point of wanting to be consistent on mobile usage and desktop. But everyone knows research has already shown that most shoppers come from mobile and not desktop.
In a world where people are used to apps, you might want to make your website a familiar experience for users.

Correct, but something desktop shoppers are coming to mobile (and vice versa), and they may be confused by different mechanisms being used.
If you have a sufficient web development skills, I think you could develop such modification yourself.