So, I'm On My Third Server & Cs-Cart Is Still Slow

Okay, I'm posting in the "Developers Corner" Hoping someone will CHARGE ME MONEY and fix CS-Cart from running so slow that it bounces our PPC customers and kills us in the SERP's

Some days CS-Cart is happy and clicks right along, and other days it take 15 minutes to update a product.

We are on our third hosting company in 5 years and everyone of them have told me that CS-Cart is known to be a problem. If I cannot get someone to come up with a way to speed up CS-Cart and keep it from having "bad-days" we have to move to a hosted cart solution.

Quad/ server 32 gigs a ram ...

Hoping for a miracle ... and researching Shoppify vs Big Commerce ...

Please contact me by phone - 678-807-8774
By Email admin@aunicamedia


The first thing I would advise (and probably others as well) is to update CSC.

Start here

image dimensions need sorting first for basics, then optimised, there are many bulk image optimisers out there

Your main banner image is 260kb this should be brought down to about 70 kb easily ish

If you follow this procedure for all your images you could notice good difference

After this you can look under the hood.

Also the ;atest CS cart has been optimised and is recommended for speed


Thanks, all, and we are going to address all of those issues on the front-end. But how does any of the speed tests affect the fact that it takes 65 seconds (yes I timed it) to update a product in the backend?

We are on a smoking fast as server. cs-cart crawls when working in the backend .... doesn't that say that the problem isn't really the size of the images and scripts loading on the front page?

The first thing I would advise (and probably others as well) is to update CSC.

Then spend $1000 having custom scripts updated .... Shoppify is looking pretty damn good ...

CSC 4.3 - Same Server / Same Test score .... page loads great ....

I really appreciate the suggestions. And as a Google Adwords Certified marketer for the last 7 years I am very familiar with a lot of the issues that could slow down a website. I assumed that since I posted in the "Developers Corner" that there would be some developers for hire available. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry. Because I am looking for: