Sno's Rage Thread

There’s no need to jump on the cloud hosting bandwagon:


You’ll be much happier with a VPS at,, or

sno, as much as you do for the community I respect that but I think it’s about time you quit bashing Cyberlnc. It seems you have a personal vendetta against them for whatever reason but to keep bashing them isn’t going to resolve anything.

I have no affiliation with CyberLnc but your vendetta is too extreme.

The ‘Sno’ is right. For the cloud prices you will get from Martfox a full managed VPS with backups enabled and cPanel/WHM license.

For example:

Theta VPS - Managed

4x Intel X3450 i7 2.67Ghz CPU

40 GB Disk Space

400 GB Bandwidth of Premium Monthly Transfer

Guaranteed RAM: 1024 MB

Burst RAM: 2048 MB


FREE VPS Management inclusive cPanel/WHM License

2 months FREE with annual payments

[QUOTE]For the cloud prices you will get from Martfox a full managed VPS with backups enabled and cPanel/WHM license[/QUOTE]

Traditional VPS servers are substantially inferior to cloud servers and are not an apples to apples comparison by any means. :rolleyes:

All servers at CyberLNC are 100% fully managed and have multiple redundant backups with additional fail safe protections reaching far beyond simple cPanel internal backups or anything found on VPS servers including for example multiple RAID redundancies, direct network level backups, daily sector by sector full imaging of all server hard drives, as well as supplemental and duplicate off-site backup storage in geographically separate high security storage facilities plus also live network snapshots automatically captured throughout the day on all servers. There is also additional supplemental backup options, above and beyond those included, you can optionally purchase to push this “protection” threshold even further.

In the highly unlikely event of even the most catastrophic disaster imaginable and the even less likely event of the entire data center itself being down and your server contents deliberately destroyed, you would still be able to have your server and your site 100% fully back online again as you were originally totally unharmed and literally within just a matter of minutes deployed to any of a handful of alternate locations scattered throughout the world instantly on demand in near real time.

Are you trying to say that your VPS server does all that too? :cool:

CyberLNC Web Hosting

[EDIT] Incidentally, all our cloud servers have 6 times the data space for backups thus if you have a 50 GB server then you actually have 50 GB drive space for your use plus an additional 300 GB of backup storage.

[quote name=‘CyberLNC’]Are you trying to say that your VPS server does all that too?[/quote]

Sure, the R1Soft backup do exactly what you mentioned.

[quote name=‘Tool Outfitters’]I think it’s about time you quit bashing Cyberlnc.[/QUOTE]

I’m saving people alot of headaches by steering them in the right direction, for example if you review the latest post by cybertron their rude, arrogant stance shines brightly, example:

[quote name=‘CyberLNC’]Are you trying to say that your VPS server does all that too?[/QUOTE]

Like their the only hosting company in the world that does what they do? Please folks, they offer nothing more then what the average hosting company already does.

[quote name=‘Indy0077’]The ‘Sno’ is right.[/QUOTE]

Thank You. I’ve updated my post to include martfox service’s because they are polite, courteous and professional. They do not boast a better then though attitude against competitors and are always ready to be helpful with the straight facts, go martfox…

Snorocket has been very helpful over the past few months! His prices are justifiable and his attitude is top notch. I see why his competitors worry about him and his service. I feel very blessed that I was able to run into him on the forums. He’s guided me in the right direction several times with my site with care.

I don’t think anyone should sensor him. If you believe in something you might as well go all out. :wink:

Hey, recommendations go a long way but, complaints and detremental comments travel a lot further. I got on board with Martfox as a relative newcomer and the help and advice recieved made my progression far quicker. I am now at the stage where I can give advice to even newer newbies and am loving the learning curve.I havent seen any bad comments about Martfox(OK telephone support normally rears its head) but they have solved all my problems quickly and politily(hardly any problmes with them anyway) but for someone who has read almost every post here since joining I know Sno and all the other regular contributors know what they are talking about, as for constant bashing of Cloud…hey you deserve what you get in this life and if its good its good if not…

I dont wanna sound too much Martfox boy…but if they’re good they’re good.


I don’t know anything about the companies being discussed here, but if you’re going to compare a cloud to a VPS, I think you need to discuss their benefits, rather than to make a blanket statement that they are the same as a normal hosting package.

The real power of cloud services (at least the ones I am familiar with) are the ability to kick a new OS/instance in a very short period of time, the ability to quickly, if not instantly, scale processing power based on demand and to have a significantly more redundant data infrastructure.

If you have a small site that would never fully tax a shared hosting package or a VPS package, then certainly you’d not be taking advantage of the power of the cloud, so in that case, you could make the argument that a cloud server might not be the best choice for you, however the economies of scale mean the cost can often be the same or less than a VPS, so at the very least it might be a cheaper solution.

If however you often have large spikes of traffic, constant high traffic, or the requirement to scale quickly, the cloud could be a very good choice, even over a dedicated server solution in some cases. All this to say, every solution has its target market and I don’t think you can easily say one is better over the other without considering the demands and requirements of the business.

I for example have dedicated virtualized servers with Rackspace. We effectively have 4 dedicated servers running our business. (They call it a private cloud, although I think that’s a bit of a stretch) A lot of my friends in my industry run up to 10 dedicated servers each (some cloud instances), with load balancing and a host of other more sophisticated setups. I would overload most VPS systems in an instant, so cloud and dedicated are the only solutions for me. I pay around $2200 a month for my servers.

my 2 cents.