Hi I'm having a problem with s being emails, I had to force the use of SSL for port 25 because of PCI compliance but now no mater what or what settings I use I just keep getting smtp failed to send email.

Can any one help me, I all so have a forum on the same server with this settings and it works just fine.

Server: localhost

Port: 465

SSL: yes

Username: my username

Password: my password.

Using the same settings for cs cart it will not work. I've tried with: Server: But doesn't work. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Using port 465 should work just fine if you are authenticating properly for your service. What do the maillogs on the SMTP server say as to why it failed? What is the error message displayed when if fails on your site.

Note that making port 25 SSL is going to break normal mail delivery if your SMTP server is used for that. You just have to turn off clear-text authentication for that port for PCI compliance. But no one should be authenticating on port 25 anyway.