Smarty Replace

Hi all

I have an addon made by someone few years a go

that addon have one block with "html smarty support" with this string


I now that in latest version, this kind of smarty command dosen`t work

With what i must to replace ?!

...My coding skills are limited/or null



What does it mean does not work ? Is there any error or is this value empty ?

Best regards


Just show "" as simple text

This smarty code line should do exactly that. Shows the controller and mode (dispatch).


the old cscart version i keep in

there work...display me categories list below the search results

so....should filter results by category name

in with cscart 4.7.4 that block dosen`t work... don`t show categories

Can you show the entire contents of the block?

Then it will be easier to solve the problem.

What version CS-Cart did you have before?


Previous version where is stil working is 4.2.4

Now i see

in "EN" laguage comand is diferent is :

{include file="addon/search_by_category/blocks/categories.tpl"}

and error is

Unable to load template tygh 'addons/search_by_category/blocks/categories.tpl' in 'string:{include file="addons/search_by_category/blocks/categories.tpl"}'

This file exists ?

/design/themes/responsive/templates/search_by_category/blocks/categories.tpl ?


Aaaaaa..... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I gues you are right Robert

Looks work

i will back

Thanks Robert

You are welcome :)

Best regards