Smarty Compiler Error


I am facing an issue with my dev environment since when I did last var/cache folder delete.

The error I'm facing is as below,

This error was not there before I did cache empty.

Smarty Compiler: Syntax error in template "mywebsite/public_html/design/themes/abt__unitheme/templates/blocks/topmenu_dropdown_ab__un_mwi.tpl" on line 186 "{$smarty.capture.children|fn_abt__ajax_menu_save:$unique_elm_id}" unknown modifier "fn_abt__ajax_menu_save" -->

Any idea why this is happening and how I can rectify this?

Thanks in advance.


I think you should write to Alexbranding in this matter.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for your suggestion,

Yes I would, actually, I also I wanted to find out the actual issue here,

So when I debug I found that removing '|fn_abt__ajax_menu_save:$unique_elm_id' from mentioned file solved my issue,

Further when I did a string search for 'fn_abt__ajax_menu_save', which then I noted is a function name in app\addons\abt__unitheme\func.php.

So I am wondering something inside the function causing the issue.

Still I'm not sure how this php function gets called from a template file.

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This file app\addons\abt__unitheme\func.php is it coded or is the code open?

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Pardon me, I didn't get what you mean by 'coded or code open'

This func.php file comes along with abt__unitheme addon.


Sometimes files are obfuscate. It may also be that you have blocked some addon ab addon and it contains a function that the compiler can not find in the template.

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Please make sure that their addons are active. License checker on dev website may disable the module

Hello all,

Sorry for my delay response,

I finally, with the help of you guys was able to figured it out,

The reason being what eComLabs mentioned.

The site I was working on is a dev environment on a server. By default front end contents was hidden and store frontend was closed.

For this reason unt theme activation key was removed. This resulted the addon being deactivated.

Thank you for your suggestions guys,

Thank you for keeping us updated