Smarty Admin Error

Hi all,

I've just installed CS-Cart and have already run into my first roadblock!

The installation went well, but now when I try to access my admin.php (which I renamed, as instructed) all I get is a page with this line:

[quote]Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: “index.tpl” in /home/s*****/public_html/sandbox/lib/templater/Smarty.class.php on line 1095[/quote]

I've edited the config.php and config.local.php, so I'm sure it's not the name change doing this.

I've also read up on the Knowledge Base article and edited the permissions for 'index.tpl' in my template - still not fixed.

I have heard from other posts here that it could be my server (I'm on a regular hosting provider), but I'd like to know how to fix this problem and get on with my e-Business.



Hello Miel,

The problem requires the investigation on your server. Please contact us via Customer Help Desk and provide us with a temporary access to your server.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team