Smartoptimizer .htaccess HELP

Hello, I have changed my host provider, I installed SO in 2 different hosts for tests. For the 1st works ok, but the 2nd, when I modify the .htaccess file the admin area won’t work, probably the CSS is messed up.

It looks like in the picture below

I checked with the hosting provider and apache has mod_rewrite enabled

If I take out the .htacces modification from SO, the ADMIN works ok.

So, it is probably a hosting problem, but I really don;t know what else to ask them.

Can anybody tell me, besides mod_rewrite, what else could the problem be?

Thanks a lot.



It’s not smart optimizer, more likely you’ve put a ‘/’ in the (wrong place of) http host in config.local.php.

URL would help more


if I edit .htaccess and take out the SO info the ADMIN works.

If it was a config.local.php problem wouldn’t have that ADMIN would never work?

I took an .htaccess file from the forum and worked ok

So Thanks

Which post did you find the .htaccess file?