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My 1.3.5 templates are heavily modified, upgrades have been strictly manual and quite laborious. But I settled on my design long before coming to CS-Cart, and don’t want to compromise the design of my site to fit a set of standard templates. If (when) I upgrade to 2.x I want to be smart about it this time. Lots of new tools, but I’m a bit overwhelmed.

I understand the ‘concept’ of having a My Changes addon, but not how it functions, and I’m not finding what I need in the documentation. I also understand the general info about precontrollers, postcontrollers & hooks provided in the “CS-Cart 2.0 architecture. Basic principles” document … however I also understand from this forum that hooks aren’t necessarily available for everything.

Could someone please clarify (or provide a link to info):

  • Are simple changes in block layout saved carried over during upgrade from admin?
  • Are changes made via the ‘customization mode’ saved aside in ‘My Changes’ and easily applied to an upgrade? Same for ‘translation mode’?
  • Is use of ‘My Changes’ principally for changes made via 'precontrollers, post controllers & hooks? What do you do if a hook doesn’t exist?
  • Are there any other ‘recommended’ methods to limit the amount of time required to upgrade for a heavily modified store?

    Also … is any one of the current templates cleaner (i.e. less html in the actual templates) than others? If I’m starting from scratch, I’d prefer to start with the cleanest slate I can.

    Thanks in advance, and please forgive my ignorance, I’ve only been looking at this a few days.

Maybe this link will help you: [url][/url]

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