Smart Send shipping add-on for Australian market

Hi All,

Steve here from Smart Send in Australia. We’re interested in providing a shipping add-on to CS-Cart and looking for interest from web development companies/merchants in Australia that may want to use this solution. The benefits of Smart Send and our ‘Smart API’ solution from a ‘merchant’ and ‘web development/shopping cart company’ perspective are as follows:


Smart API add-on solution:[list]

[]‘Real time’ freight pricing in your shopping cart. Buyers know upon checkout the exact amount of postage/freight to their destination.

]Merchants receive payment from buyer for the goods and freight in one transaction

[]Seamless booking process with Smart Send. When the buyer completes payment for the order, the booking can be automatically booked with Smart Send without any manual intervention from the merchant (i.e. no need to re-enter delivery address details for the buyer, weight/dimensions of packages, etc to complete the freight booking)

]Carrier compliant ‘customised’ address labels provided instantly via the merchant’s Smart Send account console – all goods can be tracked in transit


Smart Send delivery services:


[]Australia’s Most Trusted Online Courier Service

]No minimum consignment fees, no account fees for merchants

[]Startup, small and medium businesses get access to economical postage/freight rates through Smart Send from 1kg to 1 tonne.

]Smart Send’s freight aggregation business has relationships with major Australian freight companies that provide B2B and specialise in B2C delivery services (e.g. TNT, Star Track, Fastway, Couriers Please, etc).

[]Smart Send account manages the delivery process for our merchants/customers – if there is ever an issue with a delivery the merchant contacts Smart Send and our Customer Service staff will resolve the issue through our dedicated contacts at the transport companies.


Web Development/Shopping Cart companies

The ability to provide your merchants with:


]‘Real Time’ freight pricing in their checkouts – available via standard or ‘multi-channel’ methods

[]Seamless booking processes with Smart Send (saving merchants time and money once an order is processed)

]Tracking services on the merchant’s website (buyers can track goods themselves via the merchant website, minimises prevalence of buyers contacting merchants for the ‘whereabouts’ of their goods in transit)


Freight Revenue Partner Program:

Web development/shopping cart companies can receive commissions from freight bookings made by merchants via the Smart API solution. This will be released in early 2013 and further details can be provided upon request directly with Smart Send.

Would love to hear from interested parties so we can look at developing this solution for CS-Cart. Thanks guys.

Thanks Steve,

I'm about to open an Australian endeavour in Melbourne.

Can you tell me more about the difference between Australia Post and your own product?

Pricing differences and shipping times?

I assume this is your website:

Do you have existing customers that I can contact to discuss their current thoughts?

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your interest. Yes that is our website. You can find out more about our business and services via the two videos on our homepage: 'Why Choose SmartSend' and 'Getting Started with Smart Send'.

The main difference between Aust Post and Smart Send is we provide a 'door-to-door' service as standard and we can transport packaged goods up to 400cm in length and 1000kg in weight (the current Aust Post maximums are 105cm and 25kg per item). We provide road and express services and customers can choose their preference via our Quick Quote section (transit times are displayed along with the price quotes). This information will also be available in the 'Smart API' add-on solution we are looking to develop with CS-Cart.

I can provide some references however due to privacy reasons we cannot post them here. You can contact me directly at for further discussion.

Thanks Jesse.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply, I can now see the value to my intended business.

I'll email you in the coming weeks (post Christmas) however ask what version of CS-Cart this API is tailored for?

Kindest Regards,


Hi Jesse,

Ok no problems. The solution will be for CS-CART version 3.0.4 Professional if we proceed with development.

Any progress on this?

Hi Steve,

Could give an update on your solution for current versions of CS Cart please?

I am after a solution for version 4.0.3.


Hi Sellon,

We are currently in development and testing for an older version of CS-Cart for a web development company in Australia. The testing on this should be completed over the coming month. Once that is completed and released we will review usage and feedback and then look at a solution for the current version of CS-Cart. If you check back here in February 2014 we should have a better idea of timings.

Thank you.


I was wondering how this has progressed


Interested. Is this still on?

Seems like it didnt go far: