Slow Website

My CS-Cart website has slowly deterioted in performance over the years.

Been using this backend since 2008 and over the past 3 months it has gotten terribly slow.

It is on a dedicated server with 16GB RAM, Quad-Core and hosted locally in South Africa where most of my clients come from.

I even went as far as installing LiteSpeed and Varnish to optimize the server all which is costing me additional money.

The dedicated server has 4 other websites on it and they are all running extremely fast.

I have tried the smart optimizer I saw here on the cs-cart forum but did not make much of a difference.

My load times for the first page is around 10 seconds and product pages / information pages are close to 20.

Its absurd?

Anyone that could help me - it would be greatly appreciated.

My website address is:

Try clearing your statistics.

and your logsā€¦

I have uninstalled statistics and cleared the cache. Where can I remove the Logs?

I am keen to pay to have my site running quickly.

I have an open cart store on the same server yet that is running increadibly fast - so it must be a CS-CART issue?



Cleaned them - still dead slow :(

Are you running cPanel / WHM?

I've recently experienced two clients with issues with untouched servers within a week of each other.

Yes - cpanel / wHM

We have the same problem. New install on a Windows 2008 R2 server. Only 3 products on the site. Dead slow. Have started to tweak IIS, but this is not the answer. We do run Parallels Control Panel. Can this have an impact on performance. Server is 3 x CPUs 3 x Gb memory. I also now receive IIS CPU warnings topping out on CPU.

Another site is on the same server with over 9,000 products and runs fast (MS-SQL)