Slow product pages

Hi all,

I’m using 2.2.4 MVE

I can’t figure out why some product pages load slowly (10-20sec) while other identical products load almost instantaneously (1-3 sec). Almost all products are identical (same image size, details, options, etc) so i can’t tell why. Is it possible some products are not cached for some reason?

Just my general observation - most of the products that load super slowly are popular products. But the more it should be cached right? So I’m really stumped! 20 sec load time is just unacceptable. Home page loads in 4-5 sec.

thank you in advance for any help/suggestions i can try

I think i might have figured it out. I have a product details called “authors”. We now have over 200 authors listed. It looks like products that load slowly are those that are linked to an author.

I know I had to have a filter fixed by Alt Team as it was taking 18 seconds to load… perhaps your filter for Author is grabbing a bumch of other information too?

If you have support credits, perhaps lodge a ticket with Cs Cart?

Hmm…so this isnt a normal behavior of cs-cart 2.x? I actually tried it on a test site using 3.0.6 and I don't seem to experience the same slow loading time.