Slow Loading Site

I don’t know if it is my internet connection or my site, but it seems my site loads very slow. I am hoping that someone else can check my site for me and tell me what you think. I am also receiving a smarty error when I get to my checkout page on the left side that would be where a current customer could login so if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this I would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.


A link would help. :wink:

Sorry, duh!


Seems rather slow yes. Could be your host.


I was thinking that the host might be the problem. I am currently using Omnis Networks which is a virtual host (according to the tech guy). I have been considering changing hosts since Omnis doesn’t offer SSL certificates and only allows shared SSL Certificates. I have been looking at going with WestCoast Hosting which seems to be the best bang for my buck. I got the link off another thread. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


Never go westcoast, always go eastcoast. :wink:

Reason for that is you get better loading times to Europe. And you can not notice the slightest difference in having a host on West or East when being in US.

Take a look at A Small Orange (aff), the support is great and they have no hidden fees and will go all out to help you with small to big problems. They have “no limit hosting”, and will install non standard stuff for no fees. Some of the servers uptime is not so great. So you might request to be moved to another less loaded server if you suffer a lot of downtime. However I’ve been a customer since 2005 because of their support. I have no experience with any other shared hosting.

[quote name=‘brandonvd’]I got the link off another thread. Any suggestions would be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

I’m currently hosted by CyberLNC,

never had a problem and solutions work at light speed.

You can contact S-combs or else visit for more info.


Thank you guys for the replies. I ended up taking Jesse’s reccommendation and went with CyberLNC for my hosting. So far I am very happy with the hosting. My site is loading much faster and the customer support has been great so far. I had to email Scott about my database connection last night and he responded back right away (2:30 A.M.) and was able to get everything all set up for me.

Do either of you know why I am getting the smarty error on the checkout page? Also is there a way to show the customers name somewhere on the site when they are logged in like “Hello Brandon”. I only ask because it is confusing once you are logged in to be able to tell if you are logged in or not. I appreciate your time and thank you again.


I fixed the error in your template Brandon.

Somehow checkout_login.tpl became corrupted and was 0 bytes. I replaced it with an original.

Thanks Scott. I probably wouldn’t have ever figured that out on my own.