Skipping Option_Name In Tpl File

I can skip modifiers in tpl file like this code below.

<br />
    {if $oi.product_options}<br/>{include file="common/options_info.tpl" product_options=$oi.product_options skip_modifiers=true}{/if}<br />

```<br />
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But I want to skip option_name too. (in product_options_descriptions table) How to skip option_name? Or how can I learn what can I skip?

You should modify the design\themes\YOUR_THEME\templates\common\options_info.tpl file. For example, for responsive theme replace:



{if !$skip_option_name}{$po.option_name}: {/if}

Them call this file in the following way:

{if $oi.product_options}
{include file="common/options_info.tpl" product_options=$oi.product_options skip_modifiers=true skip_option_name=true}{/if}

Hope this will help

Thank you.

Great. Thank you eCom.

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Great. Thank you eCom.


You are welcome!